Before draws can be made, we need to know how good the teams are. Please click here to submit your resume (it only takes seconds to do).

Important Info

  • Barnwell School - 320 Heritage Rd, Barnwell
  • Entry Fees ($225) made payable to Barnwell School.  If ordering T-shirts, please combine total of T-shirts and entry fee on one cheque.
  • Please bring your own warm-up balls and do NOT leave valuables in the changerooms.
  • Games will NOT be streamed.  Those in attendance are encouraged to live stream the games from their own devices to friends and family back home using our "Horizon Open" wifi network.
  • Any unruly parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling or family friend who is asked to exit the gym due to their behaviour, will do so WITH the child that they are there "supporting." 


If your team would like to order zone t-shirts, please click here. The t-shirts are $24 each.