Athletic Policies

Barnwell School Athletic Policies

In order to achieve our goal of performing up to our full potential as athletic participants, we must adopt a team concept that all of us understand and accept.


A. Welfare and safety of student must be first priority. Our objectives must be educationally sound and compatible with the educational philosophy of the school and the district. Our prime concern is with the development of affective skills, attitudes, self-image, values, etc. We are concerned with the total person, not just with the acquisition of skill in terms of a particular sport.

B. Welfare of Athletic Program, as a whole, is second priority. Our belief in what we do as a department must be strong enough that we are prepared to sacrifice individually for the welfare of the whole.


A. Provide students the opportunity to explore themselves competitively, to find their strengths and their weaknesses and to realize their limitations and their potential.

B. Provide opportunity to represent the school and to contribute to the development of the heart, spirits, and image of the school.


A. Develop vigor, strength, endurance, and vitality.

B. Develop attitudes and values needed for healthy self-concepts.

C. Develop the cooperative model of working together in a team concept to achieve a goal.

D. Generate and cultivate leadership qualities and provide outlets for the highly competitive individual.

E. Provide activities that meet the needs, interests, and capacities of the more skilled student.

F. Broaden student experience.

G. Develop or nurture school spirit, morale, and loyalty.

H. Provide a vehicle for creating more community interest in the school.

I. Assist with setting positive tone within the school.

J. Present and reinforce healthy attitudes toward winning and losing.

K. Combat fear of failure and readiness to accept mediocrity.

L. Teach concept of teamwork including the need to sublimate self in order that the group achieve goals.



Students will be informed of:

  • need to discipline and organize time
  • need to follow through on commitment
  • need to be prepared to make some personal sacrifices for the well-being of the total program
  • need to resolve early, in consultation with the coach, conflicts between work and school and the fulfilling of commitments
  • need for coach to be aware of and considerate of what is sensible, feasible and good for the student athlete in terms of number of games and amount of competition.


The Athletic Department expects that all teams will dress in a manner that indicates pride in their school, their team, and themselves on game days. The team should have a role in deciding what would be appropriate for their team. Recommendations could include for boys wearing a tie or team jersey. For both boys and girls, choice of clothing should be a "more dressed up" look than what is normally worn to school and should be neat and presentable.


The Athletic Department feels the need to deal with each student on an individual basis.  We do not believe or wish participation in athletics to be used as a weapon but as a vehicle for communication.

We ask that communication of concerns come early in the season, not at the end when others in the group may be affected. It is intended that this communication procedure involve the student who is obviously heading for academic trouble and not those who may be just routine problems in the classroom.  Each student athlete is expected to have all outstanding homework and assignments finished prior to athletic participation.

Lines of Communication:

  • Staff member to athletic director
  • Athletic director to coach
  • Coach to student
  • Athletic director to principal or (staff member to principal) decision for case review
  • Committee for case review: Athletic Director, Principal, 3rd staff case will be reviewed looking at total student and arriving at a decision in best interest of the student


A. Any student who comes in conflict with the District Drug and Alcohol Policy will be immediately suspended from athletic participation and placed on athletic probation (xi).

  1. NON ATHLETIC SCHOOL EVENT: Athlete WILL be suspended from the present sport. Before the Athlete can be reinstated in any subsequent school sport or athletic activity, the athlete and parent/guardian must have a formal meeting with the Athletic Director and the Administrator to discuss further participation in school athletics.
  2. ATHLETIC SCHOOL EVENT: Athlete WILL be suspended from all school sports and athletic activities for ONE FULL CALENDAR YEAR from the date of infraction. Before the Athlete can be reinstated in any subsequent school sport or athletic activity, the athlete and parent/guardian must have a formal meeting with the Athletic Director and the Administrator to discuss further participation in school athletics.

B. Any student who is involved in a serious violation of school rules, or exhibits very inappropriate behaviour while representing the school will be subject to a review board made up of coaches, Athletic Director and Principal. Decisions regarding suspension from participation in the athletic program will be made.


A student athlete is placed on probation when he/she violates the Barnwell School Athletic Policy. Once the student athlete has been placed on probation they must abide by the following criteria or athletic participation will be revoked.

1. Academic Achievement: the teaching staff of the student in question has the right to request suspension from athletic participation if a satisfactory level is not maintained in the classroom.

2. Effort Grade: a minimum of satisfactory level must be achieved in order to remain eligible to play.

3. Road Trips: an athletic review board, made up of the coach, an administrator and the athletic director, will determine if the player in question is allowed to partake on road/field trips.

4. Discipline: there will be no tolerance for any discipline problems.

5. Punctuality: student must be prepared and on time for their classes as well as their practices and games.

If any of these terms of probation are not held up immediate suspension from Barnwell Athletics will occur, and a review board will determine a reentry date into the athletic program.