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Importance of Masking

Importance of Masking (Low German)

Alberta Health Services has asked us to post this message.  The video link above is in Low German, but it is something all of us need to do.  Below is the English translation of the video.  Thank you everyone for helping to keep our community safe and healthy.

Hi, this is Tina Meggison and this message is from AHS and Community Partners

There are growing numbers of COVID cases in our area and we understand that people are getting tired of what is happening in our world right now. We want to share the importance of wearing masks in public settings, to try and prevent the spread of COVID. As LGM community members, it is important to work together to try to minimize the impact of COVID-19 in southern Alberta.

If we are not wearing a mask and we have COVID, then others that are close to us and breathing the same air, can get COVID from the droplets in the air that we breathe out. Wearing a mask prevents these droplets from going in the air. You can spread COVID before you even feel sick. You might have COVID and not know it yet so wearing a mask and social distancing is very important. Some people may not feel very sick if they have COVID but others can get extremely sick and even die.

When you are in public, businesses and others are worried about those not wearing a mask and that they may bring sickness to their customers and employees. It’s a scary time right now for those that are vulnerable and can get very sick from COVID. We are still learning about COVID but we know that social distancing and masking does prevent spread so each of us has the responsibility to do what we can.

Masks are mandatory in many places like schools, clinics, and other businesses. There are many doctors and nurses that have worn a mask for surgeries for many years and for many hours at a time and they do this for their patient’s well-being. If they can do that for us for so long, then surely we can wear a mask for the short times it is being asked of us. Wearing a mask does not make people’s brains weaker or slower.

Many people don’t love wearing masks. Mennonite faith tells us to follow the laws of the land, as long as it doesn’t cause us to sin. When we wear a mask, we are only showing others around us that we are being considerate of their health and our own, too. We are not saying our faith is small but rather that we are considerate of others around us. Sometimes we have to do things we might not like for the good of those around us. Stopping at stop signs for example, can be frustrating, but that law is also there to protect us. This is how we can protect the vulnerable in our communities. We can save lives by simply following the masking laws. None of us would want to be responsible for someone’s death or cause a serious illness and this can happen if a vulnerable person gets COVID. Make sure to check on your loved ones, especially elderly people. Some cases have been elderly that were stuck at home without the means to call 911 or access health care and they got very sick and scared. Health care staff is there to help anyone that needs help and nobody should be afraid to go for help. Call 911 immediately if experiencing severe symptoms of COVID-19, including difficulty breathing, severe chest pain, and feelings of confusion or loss of consciousness.

AHS staff and other service providers are working hard to do their part to keep us safe and protect our health so let’s respect them and be part of the solution by working with them.

Thank you so much for listening to this message and for sharing it further. Stay tuned for our next message on COVID testing and what that looks like.

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